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Computing @ Law

The Computer Office is constantly reviewing facilities to keep up-to-date with modern technology to provide the best possible support for Academic and Administrative staff and students. Hybrid teaching is one of the areas the Faculty has been focusing on and our lecture theatres, seminar rooms and meeting rooms have all had their equipment upgraded in the last year or so.

Computing Facilities

There are currently 45 publicly available machines in the Library areas, some of which have dedicated functions (such as Library catalog) but the majority of which are general purpose machines. Most are dual booting PC's (Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux) but there are also two Macintosh computers available on the second floor computing area. These computers are generically referred to as the MCS (managed cluster service) and are widely available in Colleges and Departments.


Student printing is via the DS-Print system which can be made use of wirelessly from your laptop or by using one of the three multifunction devices located around the Squire Law Library (these also provide scanning and scan to USB function).

Wireless Access

Wireless access to the internet is provided by the UniOfCam and eduroam wireless services which are available throughout the building including the lecture theaters.

Getting Support

Help and support is available from offices S7 and S8 (second floor) during normal office hours or by email:

Further information on these services can be found using the menu links on the left of the screen.