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Anti-Virus Information

McAfee Anti-virus software for Windows and Macintosh machines is available free of charge to students and staff of the University and Colleges, under a license held by the University. This includes copies for use on home machines.

Downloading and Installing McAfee Anti-Virus Software

To download anti-virus software for both Windows and Mac computers, please go to, where you will find details of the current versions of all products and links to the download pages, as well as links to more general information on viruses, current alerts, hoaxes etc. Once installed onto a networked computer at home via broadband or through the Faculty or College network the anti virus software should update itself automatically. We do suggest that you check this every now and again just to make sure things are working ok.

To check if your security is up to date:

Windows Macintosh
  1. Click on the Windows button, scroll through the programs list and click on McAfee, then McAfee Endpoint Security.
  2. When the windows is displayed, press the 'Update Now' button
  1. Open Launchpad, locate and open McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac
  2. On the left-side of the window, click on Update Now
  3. Press the Start Update button at the right-side of the window
The latest version of the virus definitions will be installed

You can find out more about viruses at