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The Faculty currently has three managed PCs available for students. They are managed by the Computer Office and form part of the larger Managed Cluster Service Desktop Services provided by the UIS.

As the library is open to the public, these PCs can be used by students from other faculties as well. You can log on to them using your Raven credentials.

First Floor, Library entrance

Three pc's connected to the Law Managed Cluster Service
Three pc's connected to the electronic legal deposit system (managed by the University Library).


Docking Stations

As most students now have laptops, a number of docking stations have been set up that allows them to be charged and use an additional monitor. 

Instructions for using the docking stations can be found here.

Second Floor, open area

A number of docking stations are located here for use with Windows or Mac laptops. 

Room T11, PhD. Room

Two docking stations are located here for use with Windows or Mac laptops.