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MFA is now operational at the University to provide an extra layer of security to help protect your information. You can find out how to set it up here but please read the following guide first.

The first thing about MFA is - Don't Panic!

If setting it up it seems confusing to you, you can get support from the IT team at the Faculty. You can email the Computer Office or call in on the second floor (S7 or S8)

The first time you're asked to authenticate

When you try to access your email or one of the Microsoft applications for the first time it will ask for more information and you can go through the steps to set it up. The most reliable method is via the Microsoft Authenticator app which uses WiFi so download and install this on your mobile phone. During the setup process you'll be able to scan a QR code and then it will ask you to test it by asking you to approve on your phone. That's it! What you should then do is set up a second method of authenticating as described below.

Set up two methods of authentication

Whatever your preferred method of authentication is, you should set up a second, back-up method. Now that it's been operational for a while, we've found that relying solely on one method doesn't always work:

  • the Microsoft Authenticator app doesn't always work if you don't have access to wi-fi
  • receiving a text message can fail if you don't have a mobile phone signal, for example in the LG lecture theatres
  • If you use the Authenticator app and change your phone without de-registering, it won't work on your new phone until it is reset bu the UIS

We recommend using the Authenticator app via wi-fi as the primary (default) method and receiving a text message as the secondary method.

To set up a second method, go here (you'll be asked to authenticate) and then you can set up a second method and also set a default method of authenticating.

If you're thinking of changing your mobile phone

We've had quite a few cases now where people have just purchased a new phone and have come to our office to say their MFA has stopped working. This is because, even if you've kept the same number, your MFA is tied to the handset you set it up on. Ideally, you should remove the authentication method from your phone (via the mysignins page) before you start using a new one. You can then set it up again easily.

Don't worry if you haven't done this though, and you've already got your new phone. You can set it up again by:

  • creating a service ticket with the UIS to ask them to reset your MFA. Once this is done you can set it up on your new phone.
  • call in to the IT office on the second floor (S7 or S8) and we will send the request for you.

How do you manage your MFA?

You can manage how you authenticate here. You will have to authenticate to get to the page though, so if you've lost the ability to authenticate, it won't work - you'll have to get it reset by the UIS.

This page will allow you to set up your default method of authentication and additional ways to authenticate.