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The Faculty's lecture theatres and seminar rooms are equipped with a range of equipment for use in hybrid teaching environments, conferences and meetings. You can find details of each rooms capabilities by using the menu options on the left.

Audio Visual Facilities


The projector has a laser light source so it starts up quickly and is very bright


The camera has pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability so it can be adjusted to view the entire theatre or focus in on the lecturer


Two wall-mounted speakers allow the lecturer to be heard clearly. In rooms with ceiling microphones, people attending remotely can be heard by those physically present.


There is a microphone on the lectern for the speaker. Radio microphones for some of the lecture theatres are also available

Ceiling Microphones

Some of the theatres have ceiling microphones that allow those physically present to be heard clearly by remote participants


A powerful PC with Windows 10 with a variety of software installed allows presentations, videos and other documents to be displayed on-screen. Internet access is available.

Height Adjustable Lectern

The lectern is equipped with a PC screen and control panel to adjust the camera position, speaker and microphone levels and also has space for papers. The height is adjustable to make presenting comfortable.


Lecture Capture


Microsoft Powerpoint is installed on the PC for presentations. Files can be loaded via USB sticks, or emails

Microsoft Office

Word and Excel are available and can also be accessed via browsers. Note that if multi-factor authentication is requested, not all the theatres have a mobile phone signal.


Panopto is installed on the PC so events can take advantage of its recording capabilities and integration with Moodle


Zoom can be used on the PC to provide hybrid teaching capability, sharing screens and recording


Microsoft Teams can be used on the PC to provide hybrid teaching capability, sharing screens and recording


Meeting Capabilities

Cisco Conferencing

The Moot Court room (G28) contains a room conferencing system that integrates with Zoom and Teams. You can invite the room to a Teams meeting and it will prompt you to start the meeting at the appropriate time. Operation is via a tablet and also via wireless connection to a laptop.

Logitech MeetUp

MeetUps are fixed meeting room devices. There are two of them, one in G11 and one in G26, mounted below large screens. They have a wide-angle camera, beamforming microphone and speaker capability to connect to a participants laptop  (a loan laptop is available) for use with Teams or Zoom. They have the ability to adjust to the position of the participants in the room, zooming in and out as appropriate depending on where they are seated.

Meeting OWL

The Faculty has two OWLs for use in meetings that are portable and can be used anywhere. They are connected to a participants laptop (a loan laptop is available) and provide a 360 degree camera and speakers that can be projected on to a screen. They can show all participants and have the ability to switch to show whoever is speaking. The two OWLS are paired to cater for larger meetings.

An OWL can be requested via the Computer Office by emailing


There are various type of projection options including large screens connected to laptops, and a Clevertouch Screen.