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Place your document face up in the document tray.

Konika Paper Tray

Put the USB stick into the port provided.

Konika USB  

A screen will appear telling you that an external memory is connected. Press OK.

Konika USB Message  

Press the User Box button.

Konika User Box  

Press the Save Document button.

Konika Save  

Press the System User Box button.

Konika User Box  

Press the External Memory button and then OK.

Konika External Memory  

You are given a default document name which can be changed. Press the Document Name button.

Konika Name  

Now enter the name on the keyboard and press OK when you have finished.<

Konika Keyboard  

You can now either press Start to start scanning your document or Scan Settings to change properties of the document.  For example you can change the resolution, file format or opt to scan from a double-sided document.

Konika Name changettttttttttttt  

This is the screen you will see should you opt to change Scan Settings. If your original document is double sided press the Simplex/Duplex option and then OK.

Konika Name change  

Press 2-sided and OK.

Konika Name change  

You are now back at this screen.  Press start to start scanning your document.

Konika Name change